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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."           Philippians 4:13

U-Turn For Christ is a Christian Discipleship Ranch involved in volunteer work throughout the community. Our primary designed purpose is to help men who have found themselves caught up in the deception of alcohol and drug abuse. The Ranch provides men with an opportunity to grow spiritually in the Christian Faith. As they study and apply the Word of God to their lives, they will be encouraged to become a productive person in society through serving others.

U-Turn For Christ is a residential Christian Discipleship Re-entry Program. We provide the teaching of Godly stewardship ethics and disciplines, in conjunction with Godly principles, based on the Word of God and sound Christian living skills. Men in U-Turn For Christ are not permitted to be on any social or welfare program. These give way to gainful employment, productivity, and community responsibility. The ranch exists to teach men to be independent, self-supporting, and stable under the Lordship of Jesus Christ; becoming an asset to family, church, friends. employer, school, and society.

The Program is divided into two voluntary phases or time commitments. The first-phase is a two month, highly intensive time of being under the constant supervision of overseers. Nightly the men are in Bible Studies led by local Pastors and men of God who provide ample opportunity for the Holy Spirit to minister and draw the men into repentance and surrender. Daily the men are serving the community ministering to the needs of the local churches, widows, disabled, and others.

The second-phase of the Program is an additional commitment of six months to two years designed to initiate the men back into being productive citizens by gainful employment in the local community. They will continue to hold to the standard of accountability they have learned in first-phase, as well as grow in their relationship and service to Jesus. During this time they develop the discipline of faithfully going to work and maintaining their employment. This is extremely important in their walk as a believer because for many this is the first opportunity they have to face their temptations and prove to themselves and others that through Christ Jesus they have overcome them. We see this transformation bring Glory and Honor to the Lord and allows for full restoration to take place.

We at U-Turn For Christ have a tremendous respect and regard for our Judicial system in this country and offer our Program as an alternative to incarceration. In order to help those appointed by the courts to reach a solid, secure walk with Christ we ask that the court assign each appointee to complete both phases of the Program for a minimum of eight months, yet with the availability to accommodate for up to two years.

We pray that as you carefully, prayerfully consider where you or your loved ones might go in your pursuit of help, that Jesus would be the center of every decision. May He guide and lead you and bring deliverance from the bondage that has so invaded your lives.

God Bless You