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2-month minimum Christian Discipleship Program, where the person will come and live with us on our ranch for 2 months and be discipled through the word of God.

Everything is done according to the Bible (No psychology or 12-step)

This is a working ministry and we do volunteer work on the ranch and in the community.

We are a non-smoking, non-tobacco product facility, No patches or Nicorette gum allowed.

Any person entering into the ministry that is currenty taking psychiatric medication is required to sign a medical consent to be weaned off the medication at a rate of 25% per week. There is no exceptions.

There are no phone calls or e-mails allowed in or out during the 2 month period. All communication, except on visiting day, is to be done by mail.

Visiting starts on the first Sunday following a 12-day probationary period, and every Sunday after after that. The hours are from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., but it is limied to immediate family only. (Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse, Children) (No fiances, girlfriends, buddies)

The only requirements we have for individuls over the age of 18 are; 1. must not use any narcotics, illegal drugs, or alcohol 24-hours prior to enrollment; 2. we cannot accept registered sex offenders; 3. we do ask for a donation of $800 upon entry.

All court appointees must complete the first and second phase of the program for a total of eight months minimum.

Intakes are done upon arrangement by calling 928-468-6336