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"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things have become new."                              II Corinthians 5:17

I was raised in a typical middle class home, I had parents that loved me and gave me every opportunity to better myself. I was just a knucklehead and wanted to run my life like I saw fit. We went to a Catholic church, so I had no idea that I needed a relationship with Jesus, or that I had to ask Him to be the Lord of my life in order to spend life in Heaven with Him. I was just the typical country boy. I drank and did drugs every occasion I could. At the age of 18 I heard the Gospel for the first time at a Christian camp and asked Jesus into my heart. But when I went home, I did not ground myself in a Bible teaching church, I kept the same friends I grew up with, and only occasionally went to church. Some years went by and I was getting into using crystal meth more and more. I had gone to several rehabs and been going to A.A. and N.A. meetings for years, but could never stop my drug use. I always knew that what I neeed was to get right with God, but had a hard time doing it. I needed help. Through a friend I found out about U-Turn for Christ. Since coming to U-Turn for Christ I have learned to cast my cares upon Jesus instead of trying to do it myself. Ever since I surrendered and started serving God, I have had the privilege of living in several different states, and have even spent some time in Mexico. God has given me a heart to go to the mission field and I have had the privilege of going to the Philippians and Thailand.  It has been a tough battle, but as long as I kept my faith in the Lord and in His promise that He will never let me go through any temptation that I can not handle, and that He will always give me a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13), I have been able to endure numerous trials. Even to the point of being put in jail as Paul was for the sake of the Gospel. God does not always give us everything we want, but He does give us the desire of our hearts. He has never let me down. I have never felt alone since I gave my life totally up to Him, and His blessings keep coming everyday.

Pastor Jimmy 

Overseer Pastor Andrew Sedlacek


I was privileged to grow up in a loving middle class family.  I had every opportunity to succeed by worldly standards but never fully applied myself.  I began using drugs in my early teens with the intention to fit in better socially.  As light drug use evolved over time into deep addiction and criminal activity I began to lose everything in my life.  I was losing my family, my friends, my sanity, and my freedom.  As time went on I would experience short periods of self sustained sobriety followed by cycles of destruction.  I always knew there was more meaning to my existence than what I was living and that God did have a purpose for my life.  I just didn’t know how to seek out and achieve that purpose.  I came to U-Turn for Christ seeking a reprieve from my addiction and the destruction associated with it.  I was doubtful of religion initially but was encouraged to surrender and give the program a change to work.  I quickly began to see god revealing himself through his word, prayer and the personal changes I began to see in myself.  I could no longer deny Christ, his truth and the sacrifice he made for my life.  I decided to ask Christ to be the Lord of my life and can now say I have a relationship with my creator.  I now serve within the ministry full time in a leadership position, helping other men come to know Christ and healthy Christian living skills through discipleship.  This has challenged me to use natural skills I’ve never known of.  I’ve also had to learn to lean upon God to supplement me in areas I am less skilled, helping to grow and refine my faith in him.  I know this is only the beginning and look forward to the challenges ahead and where the Lord’s will is going to lead me.  I give Jesus Christ thanksgiving and glory for all he has done, he is doing, and what is still to come!


           Pastor Andrew Sedlacek